Community Activities

National Manufacturing Day Activities (October 6, 2017)

From Wax to Casting: Students were able to cast their own keychains produced using the investment casting process under the guidance of Al Torok (AFS CIC Chairman)!

Foundry-In-A-Box Demo at Crispus Attucks High School (July 2017)


Local Indianapolis Brewery tour (May 2017)

AFS Central Indiana Chapter Members Take a Tour of Sun King Brewery to celebrate the end of another great chapter session!

AFS Central Indiana Chapter Social Event for 2017: A Night at the Races

2017 Horse Race B
AFS Central Indiana Chapter members posing for a picture with the winning race horse for the chapter sponsored race!

Foundry-In-A-Box Demo at Ben Davis High School (Nov. 7th, 2016)

Bill Baker (Interstate Castings) organized another Foundry-In-A-Box demonstration at another Indianapolis High School with the help of Batuhan Ak (Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers). The students were able to come up in small groups and get hands on with the metalcasting process!
Bill Baker oversees the students as they pour tin into their molds one by one!

National Manufacturing Day (Oct. 3rd, 2016)

As a way to celebrate National Manufacturing Day, Central Indiana Chapter Board member, Paul Masina, along with two other members of the AFS Central Indiana Chapter, set up their Chapter’s Foundry in a Box display to expose local high school students to the world of metalcasting. Students were able to pack and ram their own sand molds, as well as pour molten tin to create their very own castings.


Batuhan Ak (left, Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers) and Bill Baker (right, Interstate Castings) preparing the exhibit table for the next set of students to come and learn about metalcasting.


Bill Baker helping students from Zionsville with melting tin


Bill Baker helps show students how to pack and ram sand into their molds


Students from Pike High School pouring molten tin


Batuhan Ak watching students from Howe Military Academy as they pour their castings